Advertising Agancy

Glitter is a leading advertising and marketing agency providing Iraq with the best strategic and creative solutions to meet the expectations of the clients. Our wide communication channels can build and link the brand to reach out every Iraqi city. Because our team is locally oriented, they collaborate together to integrate Advertising, Relationship Management, Promotion/Event Marketing, Design, PR, Health Communications, Production, and all other forms of marketing.


“Our deep-rooted local identity, knowledge and partnerships play pivotal part in the unique capability we have developed”.

Azad Younis


Umed Wahab


Ronak Hamawandy

Business Development

Sara Ali

Account Executive

Mashal Sadiq

Account Executive

Elham Henareh

Account Executive

Walid Zangana


Ali K. Zangana

Operation Manager - Baghdad

Simon Kika

Production Manager

Lolan Azad

Media Buying

How do we do it?

We Follow a 3 step Solution Approach


Baseline client ‘s and brand
performance to uncover
gaps and opportunities.
Then, synthesize the findings
into an initial brief.


Brainstorm, and develop
and prioritize the most
impactful solutions considering
the available resources.


Engage appropriate production
Deploy solutions and
track results while keeping
the client informed.

Iraq & Kurdistan Wide Coverage

Over the years we have built a strong and reliable local and regional cross-media networks to ensure your message is heard.

At Glitter, we believe in long-term partnerships with our clients thus if we can’t do the job ourselves we will engage others who can.

Our Latest Clients

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